2014 On-Site Camping/Vehicle Lottery

Onsite campground
Onsite campground

Sorry, the 2014 online lottery is now closed. The lottery was open from November 18 thru December 1. All other RockyGrass tickets (including Meadow Park camping) go onsale at 9am MST on Thursday, December 5.

The demand for the limited number of camping and vehicle spaces in the on-site campground continues to grow each year. In an effort to make this process as fair and simple for everyone as possible, we will again be using an online lottery system for these on-site passes. We hope these rules will afford everyone an equal chance; without the hassle of spending an entire morning playing the "telephone lottery."

Lottery Rules

  1. The lottery may only be entered using the secure online form. Sorry, the 2014 lottery is now closed.
  2. We will accept lottery entries from November 18 thru December 1 at 11:59pm MST.
  3. You may order up to four (4) on-site camping passes. Please note: camping is sold per person not per site; and children 12 and under are free with a paying adult - they do not need an on-site camping pass.
  4. You may order one (1) on-site vehicle pass. Reminder: on-site vehicles can be no longer than 21 feet. No RV passes are available for the on-site campground.
  5. Please remember: You may only enter one (1) lottery form per credit card or checking account; one (1) lottery form per person; and up to two (2) lottery forms per billing address. If you violate these rules, all of your entries will be disqualified.
  6. You may elect to either have your tickets emailed to you as a barcode ticket or held at will-call at the festival box office.
  7. You may elect to pay for your tickets with either a credit card or check. If paying by check, your check must arrive at Planet Bluegrass by the lottery closing date of December 1.
  8. If your check bounces, your credit card payment is rejected, or your check does not arrive by December 1, your order will be disqualified.
    • To avoid this transaction being falsely rejected by your credit card company (and thus your order being discarded), we highly recommend you alert your credit card provider that you may be receiving a charge from Planet Bluegrass in Lyons, CO the week of December 2.
  9. You will only be charged if we are able to fill your order.

What happens next?

Onsite campground jam
Onsite campground jam

Starting on December 2, we will begin randomly selecting entries from all lottery submissions using computer-generated random numbers. As we process each entry, we will fill each order as space remains available. If the requested passes are sold-out when your entry is chosen, we will not process your entry. In this case, your credit card or check will be destroyed and never charged or deposited.

You will receive an email from us shortly after the lottery closing date, updating you on the status of your order. Please make sure that our email address - planet@bluegrass.com - does not get mistaken for spam.

All other 2014 RockyGrass tickets, including Meadow Park camping will go on sale on Thursday, December 5 at 9am MST.

If you have further questions, give us a call - 303-823-0848 / 800-624-2422 - or email planet@bluegrass.com. Good luck with the 2014 RockyGrass On-Site Camping lottery!