2014 NightGrass Lottery Rules

Punch Brothers at the Sheridan (photo Benko Photographics)
Punch Brothers at the Sheridan
(photo Benko Photographics)

Sorry, the online lottery for all 2014 NightGrass shows (including the Palm Theatre and Telluride Conference Center) is now closed. We'll begin processing entries on Thursday, April 17. Any unsold tickets will go onsale on Tuesday, April 22 at 9am MDT.

Because of the high demand for the NightGrass shows, Planet Bluegrass will be again selling tickets to these shows using an online lottery system. Our goal is to make this system as fair and convenient as possible for all Festivarians, while reducing incidents of scalping and other ticket resales.

Any tickets that remain after this lottery has been processed will be sold beginning at 9am MDT on Tuesday, April 22 at 800-624-2422 or online at shop.bluegrass.com. Lottery entrants will be notified of the status of their entry by Monday, April 21.

Please read the lottery rules below carefully. If you have further questions, check the Festivarian Forum or feel free to contact us – 800-624-2422 or planet@bluegrass.com.

Lottery Rules

  1. The lottery may only be entered using our secure online form.
  2. We will only accept lottery entries from Monday, April 14 thru Wednesday, April 16 at 11:59pm MDT. You may enter at any time while the lottery is open. No entries will be accepted before or after this time period. The time/date of your entry is irrelevant since we process lottery entries in a random order.
  3. You may request up to two (2) tickets for shows at the Sheridan Opera House and Fly Me to the Moon Saloon, and up to four (4) tickets for shows at the Palm Theatre and Telluride Conference Center. You may request a different number of tickets (or no tickets) for each individual show.
  4. For each of the 5 nights, you can select a 1st choice show (or none), and an optional 2nd and 3rd choice.
  5. You may elect to have all your tickets either mailed to you (paper tickets mailed via USPS) or held at will-call at the venue(s).
  6. You may only enter one (1) lottery form per credit card and two (2) entries per billing address. Festivarians who violate this rule will have all of their entries disqualified.
  7. You must agree to pay for any won tickets with a credit card. If you absolutely must pay by personal check, please contact the Planet Bluegrass offices at 800-624-2422 or planet@bluegrass.com.
  8. If your credit card payment is rejected your order will be immediately disqualified. (We encourage you to double-check your current credit card limit and alert your credit card provider that you may be receiving a charge from Planet Bluegrass around April 17.)
  9. There are no service fees for entering the lottery. You will only be charged for tickets you were able to successfully purchase. (As always, Planet Bluegrass charges no service fees on any tickets; the ticket price listed is the final price you pay.)

Lottery Terms & Conditions

By entering this NightGrass ticket lottery, you must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. I agree that I will not sell any NightGrass tickets for more than face value. I understand that if I violate this agreement Planet Bluegrass reserves the right to invalidate any and all tickets held under my name.
  2. I understand that all tickets purchased through this ticket lottery are non-refundable.
  3. I understand that if I selected "Mail" as my ticket delivery option, I will be notified when my tickets have been shipped and my paper tickets will be sent in a plain white windowed envelope from Lyons, CO. Tickets not received within 3 weeks of shipment notification must be reported to the Planet Bluegrass office.
  4. I understand that tickets not received (and not reported to the Planet Bluegrass office within 3 weeks of the shipment notification) as well as any tickets received and subsequently lost, WILL NOT BE REPLACED.
  5. I understand that under absolutely no circumstance will NightGrass tickets be mailed after May 16; instead eligible tickets will be switched to Will-Call and be available for pick up at the venue the night of the show.

What happens next?

Sheridan Opera House (photo Benko Photographics)
Sheridan Opera House
(photo Benko Photographics)

On Thursday, April 17, we will begin processing lottery entries.

We process each of the 5 NightGrass days (June 18-22) separately. For each day, we'll draw the first random entry and attempt to fill their 1st choice (if any). If we can fill their 1st choice we'll move on to the next person's entry. Or if their 1st choice was sold-out, we'll attempt to fill their 2nd or 3rd choice. When all shows are sold-out for that day, we begin processing the next of the 5 NightGrass days.

We re-randomize all entries before processing each day. So your chances of receiving tickets for any specific day are not affected by your requests/winnings for other days.

Your credit card will only be charged for the tickets we are able to sell you. If you are not selected to purchase any tickets in the lottery, you will not be charged.

We will notify you by the evening of Monday, April 21 via email whether we were able to fill any of your ticket requests. (Please keep an eye on your email's junk/spam folders.) Any tickets that remain unsold after this lottery has been processed will be sold beginning at 9am MDT on Tuesday, April 22 at 800-624-2422 or online at shop.bluegrass.com.

A Note About Lottery Changes for 2014

Due to exploding NightGrass demand, for the past few years we have sold tickets to the 2 smaller venues (Sheridan and Moon) using an online lottery. But with the Conference Center show selling-out in under an hour last year (compared with 2 days in 2012) and historic demand for all 2014 Telluride Bluegrass-related tickets -- as well as an exceptionally strong NightGrass lineup -- we have decided to sell all 2014 NightGrass tickets in a single lottery.

In addition to simplifying the ordering process and relieving the stress of a potentially hectic on-sale morning, this change also allows us to more evenly distribute tickets amongst eager Festivarians (by limiting winnings to 1 show per night per order). As well, we are able to further catch scalpers who attempt to violate the policy of 1 order per credit card and 2 orders per billing address.

We put much careful thought into this change and we welcome your feedback. Give us a call - 800-624-2422 - or email planet@bluegrass.com.