Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been getting these ones a lot

What time does parking begin? Saturday 2:00pm / Sunday 1:00p

What time do gates open? Saturday 3:00p / Sunday 2:00pm 

What time does the show start? Saturday 4:00pm / Sunday 3:00pm

Will there be a tarp run? Can I bring a tarp/blanket? There will not be a traditional tarp run and we will NOT be handing out numbers. Feel free to enter when gates open to place your tarp/blanket/chairs. Please keep your tarp/blanket size to 10’ x 10’.

Will there be re-entry? Yes, we are using wristbands for each day of the concert series so you’ll be able to come and go for the event.

What kind of chairs can I bring? Low back chairs will be allowed in the front half of the lawn (in front of the chair sign) and high back chairs will be allowed in the back half.

Can I bring food and alcohol? Will there be food and drink available? You can bring food/drinks but please DON’T bring glass or alcohol. We will have our bar open selling beer, seltzer, cider, wine, margaritas, gin mules, and vodka lemonade. We will also have four of our historic food vendors offering a variety of meal and snack choices.

Where is parking for this event? How much does it cost? Parking will be available at our Planet Bluegrass Farm, which is less than half a mile west of the main Planet Bluegrass entrance. There will be signs to guide you. Parking will be $5 and we will only accept cash for parking. From the parking area, you will cross over the river on a pedestrian bridge and follow a lighted path next to the river and safely under the road to get to our entrance. It’s about a five minute walk.

Where will Accessibility Seating be? Is there handicap parking? There are 2 designated Accessibility Seating areas. One will be just in front of the sound board, and the other will be on the left side of the lawn (when looking at the stage) under the large trees.

Can I bring my children? Children 12 and under will be able to enter for free with a ticketed adult.

Can I bring a propane fire pit? Portable propane fire pits will NOT be allowed.

Are dogs allowed? No, absolutely no dogs are allowed on the festival grounds, or in the parking lot.

What is Mabon?

The Autumnal Equinox: the magical time when the day and the night are divided equally and the cooling air and quieter tempos of autumn beckon. We call it Mabon ( MAY’-bon). And for more than a decade we’ve celebrated with our Festivarian family from Colorado and beyond.

Soon the moon will take the reins and lead us in to chilly winter nights. In the meantime, we dance and sing!

Mabon is not only a physical celebration, but a unique spiritual reflection point. Sitting at the fulcrum of light and dark, abundance and scarcity, it is the perfect time to pause and reflect on the duality that challenges us every day as we search for balance.

Mabon’s essence perfectly aligns with the drive behind the Planet Bluegrass experience: to bring folks together against the mayhem and discord that surrounds us. To find, even for a moment, that we are all interconnected, and it is not our similarities that make us strong, but our differences.