A Harvest Concert Series




We spend the summer months basking in Bluegrass. The days grow shorter in September, but our itch for melodies has only grown. We’re ready for more music, naturally oxygenated under the familiar constellations of the Planet Bluegrass Ranch. A final Main Stage shebang before our winter hibernation.

Join us for Mabon, our Harvest Concert Series curated with Watchhouse.

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Saturday, September 17th

Parking: 2p / Gates: 3p / Show: 4p


Emmylou Harris featuring Watchhouse

Sunday, September 18th

What is Mabon?

The Autumnal Equinox: the magical time when the day and the night are divided equally and the cooling air and quieter tempos of autumn beckon. We call it Mabon (MAY’-bon). And for more than a decade we’ve celebrated with our Festivarian family from Colorado and beyond.

Soon the moon will take the reins and lead us in to chilly winter nights. In the meantime, we dance and sing!

Mabon is not only a physical celebration, but a unique spiritual reflection point. Sitting at the fulcrum of light and dark, abundance and scarcity, it is the perfect time to pause and reflect on the duality that challenges us every day as we search for balance.

Mabon’s essence perfectly aligns with the drive behind the Planet Bluegrass experience: to bring folks together against the mayhem and discord that surrounds us. To find, even for a moment, that we are all interconnected, and it is not our similarities that make us strong, but our differences.