Warner Field camping at Telluride Bluegrass Festival (photo: Benko Photographics)

Warner Field Campground Load-In

Warner Field Campground Load-In

Warner Field Campground Load-In

Warner Field Campground opens Wednesday, June 17th, at 9am. If you are planning on arriving prior to the campground opening please follow the instructions below:

  • Land grab line up for Warner Field will be pedestrian only. The line will start outside of the northeast corner of Warner Field, by the Town’s campground office.
  • Prior to lining up, please park your vehicle outside of Town Park and FOLLOW ALL TOWN OF TELLURIDE PARKING REGULATIONS AS POSTED.
  • You must stay in the line (allowing for reasonable bathroom/coffee breaks), until the campground opens for load in.
  • When the campground opens Wednesday, June 17 at 9am, campers will be permitted to walk in and lay out a tarp or tent.
  • Upon walking into campground, the Camping Supervisor will issue you a Warner Field Load In Permit.
  • After receiving the permit and laying out your tarp, all campers must walk to the Box Office for their wristbands.The box office will be open:
    • Tuesday, June 16: 10am – 6pm
    • Wednesday, June 17: 9am – 10pm
  • Then and only then may you drive your vehicle into Town Park to un-load. All people inside of the vehicle must have wristbands to enter Town Park. You will be given 20 minutes to unload.
  • Upon leaving the park the Vehicle Gate, staff will direct you to a free parking spot.

Load-In Procedure:

  1. Park car legally in town and line up on foot outside the northeast corner of Warner Field.
  2. Enter campground and place tarp/tent starting at 9am on Wednesday, June 17.
  3. Receive Load In Permit from Campground Supervisor at entrance.
  4. Walk to the Box Office to get wristbands.
  5. Drive vehicle to Town Park Gate.
  6. Present wristbands for all people inside of the vehicle to the Vehicle Gate Staff.
  7. Drive into park and unload camping gear.
  8. Drive out and park car for free as directed by Vehicle Gate staff.