On-Sale Info

On-Sale Info

On-Sale Info

On-Sale Info

Go to shop.bluegrass.com and scroll down until you see the “Folks Festival Tickets & Camping” event. We do not take orders over the phone.

Beginning as early as 9am MT on Thursday, February 8th, 2024, you will want to click on that event which will automatically enter you into the “Queue-it” virtual waiting room. Once sales start at 10am, the Queue-it will assign each person in the waiting room a random number. Please note that these numbers are randomized so you have the potential to first in line anytime between 9:00am and 9:59am MT. This randomization acts as a real-time lottery, and you will be let into the event according to your assigned number. Anyone arriving after 10am will be assigned a number in the order they arrived, behind everyone already in the queue.

Keep in mind that having a ticket in your cart does not guarantee that you can check out with it. That only occurs once you get to the checkout page and the timer starts.

Please remember that camping passes are sold per-person, not per-site and allow for tent camping only. If you want to have your vehicle in the campground, you will also need to purchase a vehicle pass. Kids 12 years old and younger are free for both the festival and camping when accompanied by a ticketed adult. As always, you will not be charged any fees and all taxes are included. The price you see is what you pay at checkout.

You may notice that “Print at Home” is your only delivery option. This means you will receive your barcoded tickets, in PDF format, via email shortly after purchase. When you arrive at the Festival, you will need to present these barcodes on your smartphone or in print to receive your wristbands. If you need your tickets to be held at Will Call, simply let See Tickets customer service know any time between now and August 1st.

As we know this can be a stressful process, below are some FAQs to further guide you through the onsale process. With the limited capacity and high demand for tickets, we hope to give you as fair a chance as possible to successfully purchase tickets.

Where do I buy tickets?
  • We can only guarantee tickets purchased through our ticketing partner, See Tickets. The safest way to get there is to go to shop.bluegrass.com, which takes you to our approved ticket shop.
  • We DO NOT approve of resale of tickets and can’t guarantee any tickets purchased through a third party platform such as StubHub, Vivid Seats, Craigslist etc. We recommend avoiding Craigslist completely due to scamming in the past.
What happened to the old ticket lottery?

We have transitioned to a new digital queue system (Queue-it) to handle the lottery of tickets to make the process smoother and easier for our team. The new queue system offers the exact same randomization for tickets and is just as fair as the old system.

What are my chances of getting a ticket?
  • It depends on which ticket you want! Due to space limitations within the Lyons area, some ticket types are extremely limited! For example:
    • LaVern M. Johnson Park RV: 15 available per year
    • Onsite Camping Vehicle: 113 available per year
    • LaVern M. Johnson Park Vehicle: 118 available per year
How is our ticket purchase order decided?

When you enter the online queue, you are assigned a random number with all the other people in the queue. You have the same chance of being #1 no matter what time you enter the queue. Once the tickets go on sale, you are let into the shopping cart in the order you were randomly assigned.

NOTE: You don’t know your position until the on-sale begins.

How do I enter the online queue?
  • To enter the online queue, simply click “get tickets” on the event of your choice at shop.bluegrass.com for the hour prior to the scheduled ticket on-sale time.
  • If tickets go on-sale at 10am, you can enter the queue from 9:01am to 9:59am.
Do I have to get into the queue?
  • No, but you want to! If you try to purchase tickets after the queue is closed, you’ll be put in the back of the line, behind everyone who waited in the queue.
  • If tickets go on-sale at 10am, you’ll want to make sure you are in the queue a few minutes PRIOR to 10am but again. Again, getting in the queue at 9:01 gives you no preference over those who get in at 9:59.
How long will it take to get tickets?

Depending on your place in line, it could take a couple of hours! The line will move slowly at first until those lower volume tickets sell out. Throw on some bluegrass, sip some coffee, and relax!

Does it help to have multiple tabs open in the same browser?

Nope! Your space in line based on your IP address, so multiple tabs or multiple browsers won’t help you. In fact, they increase the risk of caching issues, so we don’t recommend it!

Are camping and contests listed separately from regular tickets?

No, for Folks Festival all tickets are sold in the one event page unlike Telluride and RockyGrass.

How many tickets can I buy?
  • You can buy up to 8 of any ticket type, with a limit of 24 total tickets per transaction. You CAN’T purchase sixteen 3-Day tickets, however, you CAN purchase 8 single day tickets for each day.
  • These numbers were selected with the goal of finding a middle ground so that families and groups could get the tickets they needed, while trying to spread the tickets out as much as possible.
Why does the Queue move so slowly?
  • We purposefully keep the event entry funnel extremely small at the beginning of the on-sale, only allowing a handful of people in every few minutes. Many of our highest demand tickets (Lavern Johnson Park RV’s and On-Site Vehicles) have very small supply relative to demand. By keeping the funnel small, it gives purchasers time to initiate the checkout process with less risk that a faster computer or internet connection might buy the ticket “out from under them”
  • After the small supply ticket types sell out, (usually about 30min) we open up the funnel to allow people in much faster. Please be patient!
Is my ticket guaranteed once I add them to my cart?

No. The tickets you have added to your cart are NOT guaranteed until you initiate the checkout process and you see the timer start. Just because you’ve added your ticket to your cart does not mean you have it secured.

Help! I added tickets to my cart but when I went to check out I got an error or it didn’t work!
  • This usually occurs when there are a small number of tickets of a certain type left. Remember, hundreds of people are trying to do the same thing as you at the same time! The system may show that 50 tickets are left and 100 people will put them into their carts at the same time, however, only the first 50 people who initiate the checkout process first will actually secure those tickets.
  • Unfortunately, the system is unable to differentiate what ticket is no longer available in your order and the order can’t proceed. We recommend removing the tickets from your cart that had the lowest inventory or highest demand so they don’t prevent you from getting everything else, and then try to initiate checkout again.
Can I buy tickets over the phone?

Unfortunately not, all ticket orders must be done online.

This is stressful! How can I give myself the best chance of success?
  • While your actual entry order is completely random, there are a few things you can do to make sure that technical difficulties don’t create an undue setback!
  1. Get in the queue early!
    1. If you aren’t in the queue before 9:59am, you’ll be at the back of the line, and no one wants that!
    2. Getting in early also gives you the most time to make sure that you’re in the right place and everything is working.
  2. Make sure you screen “looks right” based on what time it is
    1. When you’re in the queue, you should see a greenish/blue screen that shows a countdown timer until the ticket on-sale time.
    2. After the on-sale begins, you should see a progress bar with a little person walking inside.
    3. If you don’t see the correct screen based on what time it is, give us a call and we will do our best to help!
  3. Stay calm and think before you hit “back”, “exit” or “refresh”
  4. Have multiple browser options ready for troubleshooting
    1. Have a backup internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc) downloaded on your computer and somewhere you know how to find it.
    2. If you’re having issues accessing the event or queue, switching browsers can be the easiest way to solve it!
  5. Make sure your computer is plugged into power and you’re in a place with reliable internet
    1. This one should speak for itself!
  6. Have a backup plan!
    1. Lavern M Johnson RV’s and On-site Camping will sell out quickly, as well as most vehicle passes. If they aren’t available, what is your next best option? If 3-Day passes are gone, which single days might you want to buy?
    2. Pre-research all of the ticket and camping options so that you can quickly adapt if your first choice isn’t available. Remember - it’s all random and there are a lot of us!
  7. If you’re not sure - give us a call at 800-624-2422!
What are my options if I didn’t get tickets?
  • Keep an eye out for people selling extra tickets AT FACE VALUE on our approved resale platform, the Festivarian Forum. We can facilitate a safe, guaranteed transfer of tickets.
  • Catch our returned ticket resale! More details HERE
How are tickets available on 3rd Party Platforms so quickly (or even before the main on-sale)

Platforms like Stubhub and Vivid Seats will post tickets to sell for our events before they officially have purchased them to resell. We don’t offer or sell them any tickets to be re-sold. We NEVER recommend buying tickets from a third party seller and NEVER want anyone to pay above face value.

How do you prevent scalpers and bots from purchasing all the tickets?
  • We will never stop fighting this battle on your behalf! We allow ticket refunds for months after the on-sale and re-sell them at face value to reduce the need for people to buy tickets above face value from third parties.
  • Additionally, the SeeTickets system is able to flag suspicious purchases (we have lists of scalpers, etc) and forcibly refund their tickets after the on-sale!
  • Finally, any scalper or bot trying to buy a ticket has to get into the same random queue as all of you. Sometimes they will get lucky and snag tickets. The next best way to combat this is remove the demand - don’t buy tickets for above face value from third party sellers!
Is your ticketing system fraught with issues?

Nope! We have been working with SeeTickets to put all of our events on sale since 2020. There has been a learning curve, as with any change, but the system has worked, and continues to work as intended, providing the fairest opportunity for everyone to get tickets.

What can the Planet Bluegrass Staff assist you with during the on-sale?
  • If you call the Planet Bluegrass office (800-624-2422), we can help you with navigating to the right pages and answering questions about ticket types. We can also celebrate with you over the phone if you get the tickets you wanted!
  • However, we are not able to assist with technical issues such as losing your space in line due to a computer crash or hitting the “back button”. We are also unable to help with issues such as computers freezing or being unable to advance during the checkout process. Please refer to the above FAQ’s on how to best remedy these issues.