On-Sale Info

On-Sale Info

On-Sale Info

As we know this can be stressful, below are detailed instructions to guide you through each step of the TBF on-sale process. With the limited capacity and high demand for tickets, we hope to give you as fair a chance as possible to successfully purchase tickets.

To make it even more fair, we are adding a $10 “Pre-Registration” requirement for the 2024 Festival.

Pre Registration

Ticket Purchasing 101

As usual, we will not be taking phone orders; all orders must be placed online. On the morning of Thursday December 7th, Planet Bluegrass will send all approved email addresses an email with the password to get into one of the actual TBF events. You will want to go to shop.bluegrass.com where you will see two separate events: TBF “Tickets” and “Camping & Contests.”

While both events are for the 2024 Telluride Bluegrass Festival, “Tickets” contains passes that include entry to the Festival. “Camping & Contests” contains camping passes at Lawson Hill, all Vehicle/RV passes, and contest entries.

Beginning as early as 9am MT on December 7th, you will want to click on either one of the events which will automatically enter you into the Queue-it virtual waiting room. Both events will have the same queue, and you will be able to easily navigate between the two events once you have entered one of them by scrolling down past all the ticket types in the current event.

Please note that these numbers are randomized, so you have the potential to secure spot #1 up until 9:59am MT. This randomization acts as a real-time lottery, however you will not be able to see your number in line until tickets go on sale.

Once sales start at 10am, the Queue-it system will start letting those randomly chosen for the front of the queue into the event (that they originally clicked on) to purchase tickets. Again, you will be able to easily navigate between the two events once you have entered one of them.

Once the Queue-it allows you into the event, that is when you will be prompted to enter the password that you received from Planet Bluegrass earlier that morning. You will then be able to purchase tickets as in the recent past. You will be allowed to buy 4 tickets per GA ticket type (4-Days & each Single Day) up to 16 total tickets per order. However, new for 2024, there is a four(4) ticket maximum for tickets that are bundled with camping (Town Park, Warner Field, and Mary E Ilium). That means that you can only purchase a combined four tickets between the Town Park, Warner Field, and Mary E tickets types. For example, you can purchase 4 Town Parks or 2 Town Parks and 2 Mary Es or 3 Warner Fields and 1 Mary E, etc. Any tickets purchased in excess of four from these three ticket types will be automatically refunded.

Keep in mind that having a ticket in your cart does not guarantee that you can check out with it. That only occurs once you get to the checkout page and the timer starts.

Please remember that camping passes are sold per person, not per site, and allow for tent camping only. If you want to have your vehicle in the campground, you will also need to purchase a vehicle pass (campground permitting). Kids 12 yrs old and younger are free for both the Festival and camping when accompanied by a ticketed adult. As with all of our tickets, all taxes and fees are included. The price you see is the amount you will pay at checkout.

You may notice that Will Call is now only available to international purchasers at the time of purchase. If you are a domestic purchaser and need your wristbands to be held at Will Call, simply let See Tickets customer service know any time before the wristbands are shipped in May 2024.

In the days following the December 7th on-sale, See Tickets will again screen all purchases for scalpers, orders that have not followed the above rules, and any email addresses that were not approved in the pre-registration process. Any orders/tickets that are refunded at that point will be put up for resale on a following Tuesday between 10am and 2pm mountain time. At this point, tickets will be available to the general public and there will be no password necessary for the Tuesday re-sale(s).

Ticket FAQs