Academy Info

Academy Info

Academy Info

Academy Info

Rules & Guidelines

  • No pets are allowed anywhere in the Festival grounds, campgrounds, or parking lots and cars. It would be cruel to bring your pet to this Festival. Dogs do not like crowds, heat or traffic. If you need to kennel your dog call:
    • Blue Hills Kennel: 303-776-3907
    • Cottonwood Boarding: 303-442-2603
    • Doggie Dude Ranch: 303-682-0007
    • Gunbarrel Kennels: 303-530-2500
  • Audio taping the classes at the Academy is permitted (and often encouraged!). Recording devices must be self-contained (we do not provide AC outlets in the class tents).
  • Kids and Families. Everyone at the Academy must be registered as a student or paid guest, including all children of all ages.

Academy Campground Line Policy

Due to restrictions on use of the new Planet Bluegrass Farm and ongoing construction at Bohn Park, we are again using a lottery for the campground vehicle lineup.

  1. The 2019 RockyGrass Academy campground opens at 1pm on Sunday, July 21, 2019.
  2. Vehicles that arrive prior to Noon may lineup at the Planet Bluegrass Farm property (located 0.3 miles northwest of the Academy campground on Highway 36 - view map).
  3. Vehicles may not arrive at the Planet Bluegrass Farm earlier than 8am on Sunday, July 21 (the day the Academy campground opens).
  4. To avoid a line prior to 8am on Sunday, vehicles arriving anytime between 8am-11am will receive a lottery number assigning them a random spot in the Academy campground vehicle lineup (see below). We highly encourage you to arrive after 9am to help us disperse the arrivals and avoid delays. (Vehicles arriving after 11am will proceed to the end of the lineup.)
  5. If you plan to arrive in Lyons a day or more before the Academy campground opens, you will need to find your own camping/lodging. No overnight camping is allowed at Bohn Park, at the Planet Bluegrass Farm, or on public streets in Lyons.

We realize these changes may impact some students’ travel plans. But after decades of experience managing these campground vehicle lines, we believe most students will appreciate the simplicity and fairness of this new system. We welcome your feedback at or 800-624-2422.

Initial Line-Up Procedure (Lottery!)

To discourage any arrivals to the Planet Bluegrass Farm prior to 8am and to make this initial lineup process as stress-free and fair as possible, we will be using a “random lottery” procedure for the initial lineup from 8:00-11:00am on Sunday morning, July 21, 2019. (If you arrive after 11am on Sunday, you will simply proceed to the end of the line.)

  • Vehicles arriving at the Planet Bluegrass Farm between 8:00am and 11:00am on Sunday, July 21 will be given a random lineup number, similar to our nightly tarp line numbers.
    • These numbers will truly be random, so someone arriving at 10:00am will have the same chance of receiving a low lineup space number as someone arriving right at 8:00am.
    • Only one number will be given to each vehicle. Vehicles that leave the line-up after receiving a number will forfeit their spot in line and will not be given a new number if they return to the lottery.
    • Planet Bluegrass staff will assist vehicles in proceeding to the marked parking space corresponding to their lottery number.
  • At 11:00am, the random lottery will end.
  • All vehicles arriving after 11:00am will receive the next available space at the end of the line.

Please remember: Vehicles MAY NOT ARRIVE EARLIER THAN 8:00AM at the Planet Bluegrass Farm on Sunday, July 21, 2019 (and with this lottery procedure there is absolutely no benefit to arriving any earlier!). YOUR VEHICLE WILL BE TICKETED & TOWED IF YOU PARK ALONG HIGHWAY 36.

If you arrive before 8am, we highly recommend you relax and grab breakfast at one of Lyons’ coffee shops or restaurants and casually drive over to the Planet Bluegrass Farm well after the 8am opening.

Academy Load-In Procedure

  • Due to concerns from the Sheriff’s Department, each vehicle may only contain as many occupants as available seat belts. Vehicles with more people than the vehicle can safely transport, will be pulled from the line until each passenger is removed from the vehicle (or wearing a seatbelt).
  • At Noon on Sunday, vehicles will be escorted from the Planet Bluegrass Farm to the Academy campground on the Planet Bluegrass Ranch. Vehicles must remain in order. Vehicles that arrive at the Ranch out of order will not be allowed entry into the campground.
  • Vehicles will be admitted to the Ranch in order according to their number. Don’t lose your number or you will have to go to the end of the line! All cars will be cleared from the Planet Bluegrass Farm lineup area at this time.
  • Due to safety concerns, NO pedestrian walk-ins to the on-site campground will be allowed until all vehicles in the lineup have entered the on-site campground.
  • Once you have entered the Academy campground on the Planet Bluegrass Ranch, please remember that ALL vehicles and campers must be parked adjacent to a roadway in the campground.
  • Please unload necessary items and move your car to the Academy parking area BEFORE setting up your camp in order to allow others the opportunity to find a site as well.
  • Only vehicles with a RockyGrass Festival on-site vehicle pass will be allowed to park within the Academy camping area. If you plan to camp in your vehicle but you do not have a RockyGrass Festival on-site vehicle pass, our staff will direct you to a spot near the Academy parking area.
  • All roads are one-way and the speed limit is strictly 5 MPH. For the safety of everyone PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY

Frequently Asked Questions