Songwriter Showcase
August 2022

Songwriter Showcase

Songwriter Showcase

Songwriter Showcase

The Songwriter Showcase is our nationally-recognized singer-songwriter competition, open to anyone who writes and performs original music, and who is not currently signed to a major recording or publishing deal. Contestants are judged on the quality of the song’s composition, vocal delivery, and the overall performance.

Past showcase finalists include Erica Wheeler, Don Conoscenti, Karen Pernick, Deb Talan, Dan Sheridan, Dee Carstensen, Mitch Barrett, Sarah Sample, Chuck E. Costa, Liz Longley, Megan Burtt, Caleb Hawley, Robby Hecht, Caroline Spence, Connor Garvey, Ben Shannon, Korby Lenker, Heather Mae, Kira Small and 2019 winner Alexa Wildish.

Entering the Showcase

We are accepting entries for the 2022 Songwriter Showcase thru June 24th, 2022. The entrance fee is $10 per song. Contestants may submit up to two original songs.

Please be sure to review the Rules & Guidelines (below) for your song submissions.

The 2022 songs may be submitted in two ways:

  1. Contestants may email a digital file of their submission to
  2. Contestants may send us a CD (no cassette tapes or vinyl, please) with the songs/tracks for consideration clearly specified. Please ensure your contact information is printed on the CD. Please do not send any lead sheets, lyrics, publicity, bios, etc. Recordings will not be returned.

If you use option 2, please send your CD to:

Planet Bluegrass
PO Box 769
Lyons, CO 80540

Submission Fee:

You may either send a $10 check (per song) with your CD submissions, or pay for your entry online here.

Important submission dates
  • Entry Deadline: June 24th. All submissions must be postmarked and or emailed by that day.
  • Notification: July 8. We will notify all finalists and alternates by this date. Watch for the public posting of Showcase finalists around this time.

Rules & Guidelines

2021 Showcase Finalists