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Colorado Music Festivals & Concerts

Colorado Music Festivals & Concerts

Colorado Music Festivals & Concerts

For over 30 years, Planet Bluegrass has been redefining the musical festival by creating exceptional experiences that protect our planet through environmental leadership and a strong community.

Our festivals make a unique musical mark; each takes place in breathtaking natural Colorado environments; each features the world’s finest musicians and songwriters; and each embraces a “Leave No Trace” ethic that defines Planet Bluegrass as a leader in Sustainable Festivation*

And who are the folks behind Planet Bluegrass? We’re glad you asked! We are a team of music obsessed, outdoor adventure prone animal lovers who have a soft spot for the office candy bowl and ordering fries for lunch every Friday. We infuse laughter into all scenarios, and are incredibly passionate about what we do. It makes our jobs so fun.

Take a look at our upcoming events below. We’d love to see ya there!

Can you imagine a person not having fun at Telluride? I cannot. Nor would I want to have to spend much time with any such a person, if said such person indeed existed, which I doubt.

Todd Snider