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What You Can Do

What You Can Do

What You Can Do

Offset your carbon Festivarian Footprint!

Win a pair of 4-day passes with camping to the 2024 Telluride Bluegrass Festival when you offset your Festivarian Footprint!

We believe that gathering together for Festivals is not only good for our souls but also the environment due to the fact that while

festivating the typical Festivarian drives less (depending on travel), uses less energy (camping), and produces less waste than they would during their typical daily activities.

Since 2007 Planet Bluegrass has voluntarily estimated and purchased carbon offsets to neutralize the carbon footprint of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. This includes your travel and stay during the festival. By participating in this survey you are helping us refine our estimate and by purchasing your own offsets you are contributing to our goal of making the Telluride Bluegrass Festival carbon neutral.

Learn more about the carbon offset projects that Planet Bluegrass has supported.

sustainable festivation tips

Bring Your Own
  • Coffee mugs, water bottle, plastic cup for beverages
  • Personal eating utensils
  • Grocery bag
Use It Again
  • Beer cups
  • Pocket schedules
Get a Ride
  • Carpool
  • Bicycle
  • Low emissions vehicles
Pack It Out
  • Recyclables
  • Broken camping gear
  • Plastics
  • Cigarette butts
At Your Hotel
  • Reduce linen use
  • Turn the lights off when you leave
Compost It
  • All Food Waste
    • Meat, dairy, eggshells, bones, fruits, vegetables, rice, beans, pasta
  • Coffee grounds & filters
  • Tea bags
  • Paper plates, paper towels, napkins
  • Corn cups and silverware, potato silverware
Learn More
  • Visit the Sustainable Festivation booth in Greentown
Reduce Your Impact
  • Purchase your own travel offsets
Bring It Home
  • Take everything you’ve learned here back to your community!

Campsite Challenge

Coordinated by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics and Planet Bluegrass, the contest encourages all of us to raise the bar for sustainable and creative camping. All entrants are eligible for random daily prizes, while campsites that excel in achieving the highest levels of the Leave No Trace philosophy could win FREE camping and 4-day passes for the following year’s festival!

Campers’ Guide

It takes the power of an entire community to host a sustainable festival experience. In order to cut down on waste, lessen the impact of your campsite, and keep the local wildlife wild, we all need to do our part to camp right. Together with the help of our partner, the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, we have compiled a list of best camping practices to implement when you visit any of our festivals.