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2021 Song School Schedule

2021 Song School Schedule

2021 Song School Schedule

To help with your Song School preparation, below is the complete schedule for the 2021 Song School. We are working on the schedule for 2022, and will release it in the Spring.

2021 Song School (0.8mb PDF)

Full Schedule & Class Descriptions

2021 Song School (0.1mb PDF)

Condensed Class Listing

Darrell Scott Master Class

Thanks to everyone who submitted songs for consideration. The following students have been selected to work with Darrell Scott during his “Songwriting Master Class”:

  • Alys Wilman
  • Antonio Lopez
  • Doug Andrews
  • Eli Conley
  • Eric Richard Stone
  • Jasmine Fouts
  • Jim Broyles
  • Katie Wise
  • Robert Greene
  • Sarah Ault
  • Steve Krause
  • Susan Rose
  • Will Thomas

All students are welcome to observe the Songwriting Master Class. But Darrell will only be working directly with the above students.