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2024 Festival Ticket Info

2024 Festival Ticket Info

July 26-28, 2024 • Lyons, Colorado

2024 Festival Ticket Info

Limited tickets still available here.
We look forward to seeing you in July!

Ticket Purchasing 101

2024 Pricing

Ticketing Policies

With RockyGrass tickets selling out earlier every year, we’ve made some ticketing changes in recent years to get tickets into the hands of as many Festivarians as possible and to discourage scalpers.

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Refund Policy & Ticket Transfers

If you need a refund, please e-mail: help@seetickets.us. The subject line of your email should read: “RockyGrass Refund - (your name)”. Please include your See Tickets order number (begins with the letters “gn”) along with exact details of your refund request.

See Tickets can only refund you back to the same card that your tickets were purchased.

The refund deadline for 2024 RockyGrass is March 15th, 2024.

For information on how you can transfer a ticket, please click here.

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Returned Ticket Resale

Since we offer refunds for our Festivals, tickets that are refunded will be put up for resale shortly after each respective Festival’s refund deadline.

The resale will take place in each event’s See Tickets webpage and sold online only, the same way they were the first time around.

Tickets will appear there on a Tuesday shortly following the refund deadline, anytime between 10am and 2pm mountain time.

Refund deadlines for 2024 are:
Telluride Bluegrass - March 1st
RockyGrass - March 15th
Folks Festival - April 5th

RG Stage

Ticket Limits

Again this year, you will be limited to a maximum of 4 tickets of a given type (e.g. 3-day pass, Friday single-day) per customer. After enforcing several different ticket limits over the past few years, this limit of 4 of each ticket type per order is intended to get tickets to as many Festivarians as possible, while limiting large purchases by scalpers.

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Getting Your Tickets

All Festival* wristbands for the 2024 RockyGrass Festival are RFID-enabled, which allows us to physically ship them to your home about 3-6 weeks before the event. You’ll need to remember to bring the wristband with you to Lyons - and don’t try to put it on early, because you won’t be able to get it off!

*3-Day, Single-Day, and On-site Camping Passes

Barcodes for Camping passes (except for On-site) and Vehicle/RV passes will be emailed to you immediately following your online purchase. These barcode tickets will need to be exchanged at the Festival Box Office for a wristband or sticker.

Rules and Regulations