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Reusable Cups & Dishes

Reusable Cups & Dishes

Reusable Cups & Dishes

Reduce. REUSE. Recycle.

Do you know that this saying is a hierarchy?

Reducing our consumption is a higher priority than recycling what has been consumed and that is why we have offered reusable beverage cups for decades and in 2016 introduced our reusable dish program at our festival grounds in Lyons, CO!

Festival Cups

For decades we have offered REUSABLE long-lasting plastic cups alongside our beverages at the bar with the bonus of discounted refills. Our coveted cups have created a culture where a new cup is issued each year, and old ones are saved and collected by Festivarians for continued use at home long after the festival ends.

How many have you collected?

We also offer both stainless steel pint cups as well as insulated thermal cups.


In 2016 Planet Bluegrass introduced a reusable dish program at its festival grounds in Lyons, CO. Using an onsite commercial grade “Dish Pit”, we are able to provide resuable dishware to our vendors to serve Festivarians. The dishes are washed and reused throughout the festival.

Our Festivarians LOVE eating from sturdy dishes and using real utensils. We LOVE reducing waste! Everyone is winning!

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