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Waste Diversion

Waste Diversion

Waste Diversion

In 2022 we achieved almost a 60% diversion rate across all of our festivals. That means that of all the waste produced at our festivals, only 40% typically ends up in a landfill.

How TOGETHER we reduce and divert waste:

Require our food vendors to use our RESUABLE dish & utensil system (RockyGrass & Folks Festival).

Require our food vendors to use COMPOSTABLE serving ware.

Maintain clean waste streams by staffing our waste stations with VOLUNTEERS to direct Festivarians to use the appropriate bins.

“ZERO-WASTE” facility that encourages Festivarians to pack out everything that could not be recycled or composted.

DONATE leftover food to local organizations in need.

BAN single-use plastics within Festival Grounds.

Provide WATER STATIONS for refilling water bottles.

Provide REUSABLE beverage cups.

Waste Diversion