Lavern Johnson Park ~ Load-In Policy
Summer 2023

Lavern Johnson Park ~ Load-In Policy

Lavern Johnson Park ~ Load-In Policy

Lavern Johnson Park ~ Load-In Policy

Planning to camp at LaVern Johnson Park? Nice!

The good news is that there isn’t a bad campsite in the whole place! You’re never more than 300 feet from the river and have sweeping views of beautiful cliffs. Because of this, we really don’t think you need to line up early, but if you cant help yourself, here is how you play by the rules:

Lavern Johnson Park ~ Load-In Policy

Use THIS link to purchase camping from the Town.

NOTE: “Staying in your spot” means you can stay on your designated tent pad. You CAN NOT claim new space on the grass or outside of your site without participating in the process below.

Couldn’t reserve a site from the Town for the night before? Please make other arrangements, as camping outside of a designated site (which includes the Lavern Johnson Park Parking lot) is prohibited under Lyons Municipal Code, which will be heavily enforced.

LJP Load-In Policy

  1. Campers with a TENT CAMPING pass may begin lining up ON FOOT as early as 6am on the morning the campground opens. Staff will direct you to the start of the line.
    1. Please find a safe, legal place to park in town and walk in with your tarp!
  2. At 9:30am, the pedestrian line will be released, and campers can claim spots with their tarps.
  3. Campers with a VEHICLE camping pass may begin lining up for a space as early as 6am on the morning the campground opens.
  4. Vehicles will be lined up in order of arrival and staff will direct you.
  5. At 9:34am (Or as soon as the pedestrian line is safely inside), vehicles will be moved into their camping spaces.
  6. Campers with an RV camping pass may NOT enter LaVern Johnson Park before 10am on the morning the campground opens. (Trust us, it is a lot easier to navigate your rig if all the other cars/people are out of the way!)
    1. If you arrive in Lyons before 10am with your RV, please park in legal public parking available in town.
  7. RV’s will be directed to available spaces at the discretion of staff.

Want to help us make this smooth and fair? Try these ideas

  1. Don’t claim space ahead of time - Instead, train daily at a 200 meter dash so you can get to any spot first once we release the line.
  2. If you bought camping from the Town of Lyons for the night before, don’t expand beyond your tent pad. - Instead, make some mimosas (it is 9:30am, remember. We don’t advise drinking beer until at least 9:45am) and watch your friends race!
  3. Don’t park along the highway or form a line outside the park gates before 6am - Instead, try sleeping. You have a big weekend ahead of ya!
  4. Don’t try to sleep in your car in the Lavern Johnson Park parking lot - Instead, sleep in your car in your driveway and have a friend bang on your window all night (cause that’s what our staff will be doing if you’re not in a legal campsite!)
  5. Don’t park illegally in Lyons - Instead, park legally in Lyons. (gosh, seems easy on paper, doesn’t it!?)
  6. Don’t be unfriendly to staff or fellow Festivarians - Instead, bring everyone donuts and coffee!