Lyons Festival FAQs
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Lyons FAQs

Lyons FAQs

Lyons FAQs


How many camping passes do I need to purchase?

CAMPING IS SOLD PER PERSON, NOT PER SITE. You will need to purchase a camping pass for EVERY person over the age of 12 in your group. A camping ticket is for TENT SPACE ONLY.

Can I bring my pets?

Nope! While we love all animals, they are not permitted in any campgrounds, or on the festival grounds.

How do I camp with a vehicle or RV?

In order to camp with a vehicle or RV, everyone in your party must have a camping pass for the respective campground and you must purchase an additional vehicle or RV pass for your camper, car, or trailer of choice.

For Example: You and two friends want to camp in your sweet 1980’s Winnebago Camper Van. Nice! To do that, you must purchase three camping passes and one vehicle or RV pass in addition to your Festival passes.

NOTE: Not all campgrounds allow vehicles or RV’s. Be sure to check the campground details page to double check before purchase.

How do I know if I need a Vehicle Pass or an RV Pass?

The vehicle vs. RV distinction is made by bumper-to-bumper length of the automobile or trailer. When camping at Planet Bluegrass, a “vehicle” is considered anything shorter than 18’ bumper(or hitch) to bumper and an “RV” is considered anything longer than 18’ bumper(or hitch) to bumper.

BEWARE: Certain campgrounds may have maximum lengths for RVs, which will be specified on the campground info page.

Can my tow vehicle remain in the campground with my camper trailer?

A vehicle is considered anything requiring a license plate, e.g. a camper, trailer, tow vehicle, etc. If you intend to have both your camper-trailer and tow vehicle in the campground, then you must have 2 vehicle passes or a vehicle pass and an RV pass, depending on the length of the camper trailer. (see above FAQ)

I don’t need my vehicle at my campsite, what do I do?

If you don’t need your vehicle in the campground - for sleeping or for storage - you don’t need a campground vehicle pass. Most Festivarians don’t purchase a vehicle pass. You can temporarily drive into the campground to unload your gear, and park your vehicle in our remote festival parking lots.

Do I need to show up early to get a spot?

We will have space for everyone to camp in the campground you purchased tickets to. Some of our campgrounds are so popular that we have very intensive lineup procedures in place to handle early arrivals. Please review the information page for the individual campgrounds for details.

What is the Bathroom and Shower Situation Like?

Our campgrounds all have porta-potties or permanent bathrooms for your use. Some campgrounds also have shower facilities. Check the info page for each campground to see what facilities are available.

Can we make S’mores? (Can we have a campfire?)

Unfortunately, fires are not allowed in any campgrounds for everyone’s safety. This includes propane fire pits.

Can I keep camping after the festival?

Nope! All campgrounds close at noon on the Monday after the festival.

How do I get to the festival grounds from my campground?

Many campgrounds are within easy walking distance of the festival. Some also require shuttle bus access. Please refer to the individual campground page for access information.

Can I Run A Generator?

Generators: We prefer that you don’t bring generators when camping at our festivals. This is a great opportunity to disconnect! But if you must, here are the rules:

  • Generators are only allowed in campgrounds with vehicles or RVs
  • Generator quiet hours are 11pm to 7am everyday. Please DO NOT run your generators during this time.
  • DO NOT run your generator if you are not present at camp
  • You must have a fire extinguisher within 10’ of your generator at all times it is running (our staff will ask!)
  • DO NOT place your generator near tall grass or shrubs
  • Be conscious and respectful to your neighbors