12th Annual

“Hippie Jerry” Campsite Challenge

“Hippie Jerry” Campsite Challenge

“Hippie Jerry” Campsite Challenge

With nearly 4,000 Festivarian campers sharing the gorgeous mountain environment in Telluride, it is vitally important for each of us to be mindful of our camping footprint. In collaboration with Leave No Trace and Eco-Products (supplier of free compostable bags for your campground compost), we will be rewarding campsites that excel in creative, sustainable camping.

All entrants are eligible for random daily prizes, while campsites that excel in achieving the highest levels of the Leave No Trace philosophy could win (2) FREE 4-day Telluride Bluegrass Festival Passes (with camping) to next year’s Festival.

In memory of Jerold “Hippie Jerry” Lunsford, a beloved member of our Festivarian family and proud representative of Camp Run-A-Muck.

How does our camp participate?

The contest is open to all campers in any of the Planet Bluegrass-managed campgrounds. Participating is easy!

  1. Complete the 1-page campsite entry form by downloading it ahead of time OR pick one up at the the Leave No Trace booth in Harmony Greene inside the Festival . (Download a PDF of the entry form below.)
  2. Fill out the entry form and tell us the name of your Camp and let us know how you camp and Festivate sustainably.
  3. Turn in your entry form at the Leave No Trace Booth.
  4. Listen for your camp’s name to be announced on the MAIN STAGE! DAILY RANDOM WINNERS will be announced each evening and receive prize packages from our awesome sponsors. Hint get your entry form in early!
  5. THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be announced on Main Stage Sunday afternoon. The grand prize winner will receive a pair of 4-day Telluride Bluegrass Festival passes with camping to next year’s Fest.

How do I win?

We will be judging on three simple criteria:

  1. Cleanliness. Are you repackaging the food you bring? Are you keeping a tidy campsite? Are items secure and not susceptible to wind gusts? Are you safely disposing of cigarette butts?
  2. Sustainability. Are you separating your recyclables, compostables, and then placing them in the correct bins at the campsite waste stations? Are you reusing products (cups, utensils, water bottles, bags) instead of trashing them? Are you using any alternative energy sources to power your campsite? Did you bike or carpool to the festival; are you offsetting carbon emissions using wind credits or carbon offsets? Will you pack out as much as possible when leaving? Did you do anything to reduce your homes’ energy while attending the festival?
  3. Creativity. Are you utilizing any unique and innovative camping techniques to reduce your impacts? Are you upcycling any items from home?

What do we win?

Well…we ALL win when we act sustainably :)

RANDOM DAILY WINNERS will be chosen throughout the Festival to win prize packages with goodies from our sponsors. Listen for your camp to be announced from the Main Stage! Pick up your prizes at the Leave No Trace booth in Harmony Greene.

THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be selected and announced on Main Stage Sunday evening of the Festival. The grand prize winner will receive (2) 4-day Telluride Bluegrass Festival passes with camping to next year’s Festival.

Some Tips from Leave No Trace

  1. Before you arrive, repackage food into reusable containers. This will limit how much waste you bring to the fest and keep your camp that much cleaner.
  2. Re-use is the name of the game. Bring re-usable cups, plates, napkins, etc. This will reduce the amount of trash you generate.
  3. Good campsites are found, not made. Bring folding tables, chairs, or other amenities to make a comfortable camp. Remember to take everything you brought with you, and leave the area better than you found it.
  4. Establish a clean and green camping community. Work together with other nearby campers to share your resources and strive to Leave No Trace in a fun and festive manner.
  5. Secure your food. Human food is unhealthy for wildlife. Protect the locals and your food by storing all your food, trash, and compost securely in your camp.

Check out this video to learn how festival goers can keep their campsites clean and sustainable.

For More Information

Share your thoughts about the contest, or even a little pre-contest “bet you can’t top our solar-powered strobing bluegrass baconizer” smack, over at the Festivarian Forum.

Leave No Trace is an educational, nonprofit organization dedicated to the responsible enjoyment and active stewardship of the outdoors by all people, worldwide. Visit at www.LNT.org or call 1-800-332-4100

2023 Winner - Camp Tribute

Sustainable Festivation is a mindset — thinking not only is there a way to reduce the trash I am producing, but how can I lend a hand to make this better for all who are here! “

Camp Tribute, 2023 Winners

"Hippie Jerry" Campsite Challenge

Congratulations to the 2023 Telluride Bluegrass “Hippie Jerry” Campsite Challenge Winner: CAMP TRIBUTE! For their efforts, the camp received a pair of 4-day passes (w/camping) to the 2024 Telluride Bluegrass Festival.

There were over 100 campsite challenge entries in 2023! We were in awe of all the innovation and effort put forth to lower the impacts within the festival campground community. It was a hard choice, but we really appreciated Camp Tributes leadership and initiative to make a difference beyond their own campsite.

Cathy Collentine explains some of Camp Tributes Festival camping practices and actions in 2023.

“From picking up any litter you see around camp, the Festival, and town, to ensuring you reuse, recycle, or compost everywhere possible, it makes a difference. Our camp joined with friends across other camps in Town Park to start a hard-to-recycle station collecting stretchy plastics like ice bags, 6-pack rings (cut the rings before recycling), used batteries, bottle caps, and much more, an idea inspired after seeing how many of those small green propane canisters were left behind after festival one year. We also collect and recycle those back in our hometowns, but it’s better if you skip those small non-refillable green ones and get your camp stove a converter hose to use a 10lb or larger propane canister that you can refill again and again! Skip the glow sticks and online orders of single use products and check out your local thrift store or repurpose something you have for fun outfits, costumes, and accessories!”